Learn More About The Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2021

Mattresses – Ideal for Back Pain

Millions 0f people around the world suffer from chronic, disabling back pain. The American Chiropractic Association estimates that 80% globally will experience some form of back pain in their lives, and these ailments are difficult to treat. A good mattress is essential for people prone to back pain as the right support will alleviate symptoms and prevent further problems. Before purchasing a new mattress, make sure that you buy one that is best suited for your situation. In order to do this you will have to consider favored sleep position and weight to find a mattress that has the right firmness and height to support spine and muscle structure. Proper alignment will prevent aches and pain and this is achieved by finding a mattress that allows part of the body to sink thereby supporting arches of the spine, natural contours and curves. Ultimately personal preferences will play a big part in choosing a mattress.

Recommended Hybrid Mattresses for Back Pain

We highly recommend the following Memory Foam Mattresses on the market:

What type of mattress is recommended for back pain?

Mattresses are defined by the materials used and the way they are constructed. Generally, foam and latex mattresses are considered to be the most comfortable for people with back issues and the firmness is a matter of personal choice. High quality memory foam supports the waist and neck and allows wider areas of the body like the hips to sink into the mattress aligning the spine and relaxing the muscles. If you decide on the memory foam, be sure to choose the best quality preferably made from organic materials. 

Choosing comfort for a good night’s sleep

If you consider that most people spend approximately a third of their lives resting or sleeping in bed, choosing a comfortable mattress is very important if you want to have a restful sleep. Not all mattresses are created equal and it is advisable to try out a few before you decide. Organic materials are recommended because synthetic memory foam might have a chemical odor and trapped heat which will make you sweat. New foam mattress have built in cooling gel that is designed to regulate temperature. You will need to find a balance between comfort and support because you can’t have the one without the other.

Choosing the right firmness

Mattresses are categorized by their firmness. A very firm mattress may cause pain on pressure points, a medium-firm mattress will give you a bit of bounce and allow shoulders and hips to sink and relieve pressure on the spine, and a soft mattresses will conform to your natural curves aligning joints. Note that if the mattress is too soft, joints may twist causing pain and stiffness. Firmness will depend on thicker padding and the addition of springs or coils layers. 

The benefits of purchasing a mattress online

In the past, purchasing a mattress involved multiple trips to stores, relying on what a sales person recommends and if allowed, testing the product. How a mattress feels in a few minutes is not the same as sleeping on it for a many hours at a time. Retailers rarely offer swops or refunds which means that once the mattress reaches your home there is no going back. Online foam mattress suppliers offers a lot more information about the mattresses they sell. There are mattresses that are suitable for side sleeper and others for back sleepers. How much you weigh is also taken into account. All the materials used are described in great detail allowing you to choose what is best for you. Recommended memory foam mattresses supplied online are DreamCloud and Nectar. If you want the ultimate in foam mattresses you might consider paying a bit more for GhostBed which is made in the USA.

Retail vs Online Mattress shopping

Most of the foam mattress online suppliers do not own retail stores.  Some have a few chosen retailers that stock their mattresses and others only sell online. An added advantage is that the mattresses are vacuum packed in boxes and delivered right to your door.  Cutting costs allows online suppliers to offer their products at very reasonable prices. Online stores offer a no commitment trial period for up to a year and an extended warranty. If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress at no extra cost. It is also worth noting that online bedding sites offer complimentary products like protectors, sheets, pillow and bedding furniture. Ordering online is risk free, fast, safe and inexpensive. Online sales are generally 15% cheaper and specifications and materials are usually superior to mattresses widely available in stores. 

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