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Dinnerly Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * June 6, 2021

Dinnerly was created to appeal to the masses. Kits with familiar family recipes made with cost effective seasonal ingredients are sold at exceptionally low prices. Simple, delicious dishes, are firm favorites which are suitable for adults and children. Meal kits are no longer considered a luxury. The price and the fact that you do not need to go shopping or plan meals makes Dinnerly meal kits a time and money saver for the average Australian. Money saved on ingredients and cost effective packaging as well as digital recipe cards make it possible to keep price competitive.

  • Simple and tasty meals prepared in less than 30 min
  • 20 recipes to choose from per week
  • 6 step recipes that are easy to follow
  • Budget friendly family meals
  • Ongoing, flexible weekly subscription service
  • Recipes only available in digital form
  • Ingredients not packed separately
  • Not enough vegetables served

About Dinnerly

Dinnerly was first launched in America in July 2017, and a year later in Australia. Their massive success in both countries is due to the cost effective, easy to follow meals which make them popular with the general public. Meals are available in 2 or 4 portions and suitable for all the family.  The premium brand behind Dinnerly is Martha & Marley Spoon. Recipes are influenced by the cook Martha Stewart who is famous for her excellent cookery books. The company as a whole is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue both in the US and Australia. Their inexpensive, healthy meals are mass marketed to lower income groups.

Why you should choose Dinnerly

  • Dinnerly offers easy to make traditional, family friendly and uncomplicated meals made with quality ingredients.
  • Ongoing weekly subscription with ample recipe choices which can easily be changed, swopped or cancelled.

Minimal seasonal ingredients, uncomplicated recipes and simpler packaging make Dinnerly inexpensive.

Ideal For

  • Dinnerly is perfect for professionals or busy parents who don’t have time to cook
  • Inexpensive meal kits are perfect for people on a low budget
  • Flexible subscriptions allow for complete control of deliveries for those who do not need a continuous service.
  • Busy people can select time slot for deliveries to make sure they are home to accept freshly prepared meal kits.
  • Low carb and low calorie recipes are ideal for people who are weight and health conscious.

How it Works

Dinnerly works like all meal kit delivery companies, you choose the meals you want and pick a delivery date. Payments are per week and you can decide how much you want to order in advance. All ingredients are pre-measured and ready to assemble for easy cooking at home. If you compare Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or Plated you will note that their meals start from $10 per portion in comparison to around $5 with Dinnerly. So why such a difference in price? Dinnerly cut out all the frills like expensive exotic ingredients, fancy packaging and printed recipes to keep costs as low as possible. It is obvious that this is passed onto the customers. Once you get your kit you will need to sort out the ingredients and follow the instructions on how to prepare and cook the dish. You might need to measure out some ingredients and also provide basic pantry items to complete the preparation. Unlike other companies, Dinnerly does not pack each item separately so you will have to sort out the ingredients manually. It is a good idea to read through the digital recipe online before delivery as you might be asked to provide things like eggs, oil, salt and other basics. The Dinnerly menu has tags that indicate meat, fish or vegetarian. You will also be informed if the meal is low calorie, one pot meal or kid friendly.


Dinnerly concentrate on using only 6 ingredients in simple to make recipes that are nutritious and tasty. For the weight conscious, there are low calorie and low carb options. Examples in this category are Barbeque Pork Tenderloin and Basil Cauliflower Fried Rice. Calorie, Fat and Carbs content is shown in the digital recipe cards. You will also be able to see allergens like peanuts, soy and gluten on the cards before you order. Favorite family meals will also appeal to children who can also be encouraged to prepare and cook. The only negative is the lack of choice for vegan and pescatarian dishes. Basically, Dinnerly is a meal kit subscription service that does not compromise on quality, is easy to prepare and budget friendly. For any queries, you can contact Dinnerly via email or phone. Dinnerly also offers desserts and you can order protein packs of meat or fish. As an example typical dishes are Tex-Mex cheeseburger with fries, BBQ chicken with broccoli and one pot macaroni cheese. There are a few Asian inspired dishes like sweet soy glazed chicken with vegetable fried rice.


There is no denying that Dinnerly AU is a lot cheaper than most meal kit delivery companies. They are half the price of big competitors Hello Fresh and a little cheaper than EveryPlate. You can expect to pay as little as $5.75 per serving and prices might vary slightly depending on the recipe. For 3 meals a week for 2 people, you can expect to pay $52.45. As mentioned before costs are kept to a minimum which allows Dinnerly to keep their prices low. The more you order the cheaper the price. Promotions offered include first buy discounts, coupons and discount links. Please note that Dinnerly charges $8.95 for shipping.


Dinnerly Australia currently ships to most of NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT. You can check if you are in the delivery area on the Dinnerly information page. What you will find missing from Dinnerly meal kits are printed recipe cards and if you want to access the recipe you will have to download or view instructions online. Apart from the lack of vegan choices, Dinnerly meals are suitable for most families who prefer familiar family favorites.

Ordering and Delivery

Although Dinnerly uses very cheap packaging, it is environmentally friendly. They use recyclable box liners and reusable ice packs instead of Styrofoam coolers. All the ingredients come in one box mostly unwrapped. Minimal packaging can sometimes result in damaged items but there is little waste. Boxes are paper based for insulation and frozen nontoxic slow melting gel keeps the food cold. Dinnerly ship to most states in Australia with a few exceptions. Note that Dinnerly charge a basic shipping fee.

The bottom line

Dinnerly, which is owned by Marley Spoon, is an American company headquartered in New York. Dinnerly Australia was launched in March 2018 and has since become Australia’s most affordable, meal kit subscription service. Dinnerly follows a simple 6 ingredient and 6 step easy to follow recipe that is ready in 30 minutes. Prices start from $5.25 per portion and they offer over 20 recipes to choose from per week. Their partnership with well-known Martha Stewart gives Dinnerly a boost when it comes to family favorites cooked with tasty and nutritious ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum amount?

Yes, you can choose meal boxes for two people or for the whole family with servings for 3-5 times a week.

Where do they deliver?

They deliver for most of Australia.

How does Dinnerly guarantee fresh ingredients?

They line the box with insulation and place ice packs to preserve the ingredients’ temperature.

Do they have allergen-free meals?

No. While the ingredients and allergens are listed online, these are processed through the same production facility. Dinnerly has endeavored to avoid cross-contamination but this is not fail-proof.

Can I switch a two-person box to a family-box, or vice-versa?

Yes. Simply log into your account and change your order. You may have five to six days before delivery to update the number of portions, delivery preferences, or cancel delivery.

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