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Fresh N Lean Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * September 13, 2021

Healthy meals that are accessible to everyone is the philosophy behind Fresh N Lean meal subscriptions. Organically grown, fresh and nutritious ingredients are used in chef prepared meals that are prepared to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Meals are delivered vacuum packed and can be stored for up to 10 days in the refrigerator, ready to serve. Choose one of the plans on offer or go for the a la carte option which offers a selection of fresh, organic ingredients all chosen to offer a healthy and delicious meal. 

  • Meals are never frozenq
  • Nutritious diet orientated meals
  • Free home deliveries
  • Organic and premium ingredients
  • Paleo, keto, vegan, vegan low carb diets
  • Flexible meal choices
  • Limited day plan options
  • Restricted delivery dates
  • A la carte choice expensive
Fresh N Lean

About Fresh N Lean

Fresh N Lean is one of the largest organically prepared meal delivery services in the U.S with over $85 million in revenue. Laureen Asseo, who is the founder and CEO of the company, started the company in 2010 at the age of 18. The company now operates a huge commercial kitchen in Anaheim, California with more than 450 employees. All meals are planned and prepared by chefs, nutritionists and dieticians and delivered fresh, not frozen. Recently the company was listed for the 2nd time on the prestigious Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. The company’s growth is due to the changing habits and preferences of consumers who are choosing to eat healthier nutritious meals.

Why Fresh N Lean?

  • Specialized gluten free and organically certified meal plans suitable for different diets
  • Guaranteed quality ingredients, competitively priced and free shipping 
  • Complete meals are delivered fresh, never frozen and ready to serve, no prep needed

Ideal For

  • High quality proteins and organically grown vegetables without legumes and grains ideal for Paleo and Keto diet
  • Health conscious people who want fresh and nutritious meals delivered to their home on a regular basis
  • Fresh N Lean deliver fully prepared meals which are ideal for people with limited free time as no preparation, no mess and no cleaning is required.
  • Busy people who need instant healthy meals or those who are on specific diets can have weekly deliveries of meals for up to 10 days at a time
  • Flexibility offers a choice of a weekly or bi weekly subscription or the addition of snacks and bulk buying as well as a la carte dishes.
  • Chef created weekly meals prepared with seasonal organic produce are created in collaboration with dieticians and nutritionists for maximum health benefits

How it Works

With Fresh N Lean you can choose a weekly meal plan with up to 3 meals a day. With each meal you will be able to indicate preferences and modify your meal plan accordingly. You can also order additional meals or snacks as well as bulk meals and sides as required. Excluding the Keto meals, all dishes are gluten and dairy free. All meals are shipped fresh and ready to be reheated and consumed. Once delivered, meals must be stored in the refrigerator within 24 hours. Lean & Fresh meals are delivered weekly and orders can be cancelled or rescheduled as long as this is done within the time restrictions advertised. If you prefer a more flexible subscription the a la carte menu will give you more options. This option costs more and items are subject to availability. All meals are individually portioned and currently the company does not cater for children. Meals must be ordered a week in advance and deliveries are sent out on Fridays and delivered by Saturday afternoon. A la carte meals are not delivered on weekends and might take a bit longer to reach you. Specific day deliveries can be arranged at an extra cost. Meals are delivered fresh and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Freezing is not recommended but can be done if necessary.


All ingredients used in Fresh N Lean meals and snacks are whole organic, nutritious and locally sourced. All meals are gluten and GMO free and the majority of the recipes are dairy and soy free. Proteins used are grass fed meat, sustainable fish and free range poultry, all hormone and antibiotic free. The Vegan and Vegan low carb meals are fully vegan and Paleo and Keto meals are designed according to diet specifications. Fresh N Lean does not use any artificial or processed ingredients and meals are prepared by professional chefs. Ingredients are never fried and only prepared by quick baking or steaming in order to preserve nutrients. For those who take nutrition seriously, Fresh N Lean offers advice on which vitamins or ingredients you can add to your diet in order to get the recommended daily dose of nutrients. This is particularly important for those following plant based meal plans. Most meals are all inclusive except for breakfast where it is recommended you add some fresh fruit or organically sourced plant based milk. Vacuum sealed trays and insulated boxes keep meals fresh during delivery and all packaging is recyclable. Nutritional facts of every ingredient is listed with every meal pack.


Fresh N Lean prices depend on which plan you choose and how many meals you order per day. All meals are individually packed and the cheapest plan is the Vegan Standard which starts at $7.93 per portion for three meals a day. The Keto and Paleo meals cost around $10.78 a portion. Shipping is free unless you change the delivery day. It is worth noting that the individual meals are cheaper if you order more meals per day. Prices are current and subject to change. Special offers of up to 40% of your first order are offered and it is a good idea to check on current promotions.


Fresh N Lean delivers nationwide throughout the U.S. and meal kits are only available through their website.  All orders are done online and you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time as long as you inform the company by Saturday 12:00 pm PST. Shipping is done via GLS or FedEx and orders are usually delivered within 1 – 3 days depending on location. 

Ordering and Delivery

Once your order is processed and shipped you will get a tracking number via email. No deliveries are shipped on the weekend due to food safety precautions. Prescheduled orders are shipped on Friday with guaranteed delivery by Saturday. If you are not home to accept the delivery, the box will be left on your doorstep. High quality control standards are used with the preparation and packaging of meals and the vacuum sealing and insulation prevents the meal from spoiling. Note that refunds are based on individual cases and are not guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

Fresh N Lean promotes the philosophy of fresh organic meals for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They offer five meal plans which include Paleo, Low Carb Vegan and Keto diets as part of a weight loss plan. All ingredients used are certified organic and meals are nutritious and rich in fiber. Fresh N Lean offers chef prepared organic and gluten free meals that are delivered fresh, directly to your door. 

Fresh N Lean
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