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Home Chef Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * February 14, 2021

Cooking is a chore that does not make everyone excited. After all, you have to visit a grocery store and buy a calculated amount of ingredients. And still you end up with more ingredients that you need and they go to waste. It is understandable that you don’t want to go through all the hassle for just a meal that you are probably going to finish in 15-20 minutes. And that pretty much explains why so many people prefer ordering food. To counter the problem, Home chef is a pretty good solution. After all, the company delivers more than three million meals to its subscribers on monthly basis. But what exactly made Home Chef a highly renowned name in the market of meal kit and food delivery services providers. Let’s find that it out in this comprehensive review of Home Chef.

  • Option to customize the protein source of select recipes
  • Offers several dishes that are oven-ready or require minimal preparation
  • One of the most affordable options, starting at $6.99 per serving
  • Rotating weekly menus with over 20 recipes to choose from each week
  • Organic ingredients not available for all meals
  • Unsuitable for people with severe food allergies or following restrictive diets
Home Chef

About Home Chef

This Chicago, Illinois-based meal kit and food delivery company was created in June 2013 by Pat Vihtelic. The company has distribution centers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Lithonia, and Georgia and it caters to almost 97% of the USA. It has become a perfect solution for singles, couples, and families who do not have enough time to buy ingredients and cook their meals.
The company delivers scrumptious meals that take no longer than 30-40 minutes to prepare. Given that there is reduced food waste and time along with quality meals, choosing the services of Home Chef is observed as “win-win” situation by many of its customers and we couldn’t agree more with it.

Meal Plans It Offers

It is quite evident that Home Chef has an edge over its competitors from the very start – the meal plans. Home Chef offers quite appreciable flexibility to its customers when it comes to choosing meal plans. It offers meal plans for 2, 4, or 6 people and there are 2 dishes per week as the minimum selection. And the most interesting part is that there is no maximum limitation with this brand.


With Home Chef you can even plan five weeks ahead. There are 12 dinner options available for each week (including 3 vegetarian meals). It also offers three lunch options for people who do not want to cook their lunch at all. Although there are classic and familiar dishes, Home Chef has become a distinguished brand for adding new flavors and including some twists in them – it certainly makes cooking and eating more fun.


When it comes to pricing, Home Chef has definitely taken an advantage over its competitors with its low, affordable rates. All Home Chef meals have a rate of $9.99 per serving while some meals are starting at $7.99 per serving. If you place an order of over $45, shipping is free. For orders under $45, shipping fee is $10. However, it is worth mentioning here that pricing of Home Chef is considerably better than many other meal kit delivery service providers.

How It Works

It is super easy to start things off with Home Chef . All you need to do is sign up (via the website or mobile app) and choose the meals that you feel like eating. When you sign up, you’ll be asked several questions that’ll help in determining which meals are more suitable for you. You can choose from the recommendations as they are based on vegetables, types of meat and your likes and dislikes. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any other choices. You can simply ignore the recommendations and choose from Home Chef’s complete menu. You can select from the 12 recipes (these recipes change on weekly basis). Plus, customization is more fun – you can make your order any way you like it. Once you have chosen between the recipes including your preferences (carbs, calories, non-gluten, etc.), you have to define your schedule. You can easily change the delivery date, adjust your meals, make changes as required or skip/pause your account whenever needed. All your meals will be delivered on weekly basis. But you have total freedom on choosing the day you want your meal to be delivered. To ensure that the food is fresh, it comes in biodegradable, insulated box.

Quality of Ingredients

Ok, the packaging is somewhat relevant to this particular point. It is because a person gets really impressed upon seeing the package – everything is organized and labeled. The ingredients, on the other hand, are just as impressive as the packaging. High-quality ingredients give a strong impression that they are delivered directly from farm to your doorstep. There is no doubt the company pays extra attention to ensure that it sends only finest-quality ingredients to their customers.

Brand Specialization and Advantages

  • The dietary preference profile on Home Chef is super beneficial
  • The recipe cards that come with each meal have visuals which are really helpful. Unlike recipe cards from other brands that can be challenging to follow, Home Chef is really considerate on ensuring the users have everything they need
  • Flexibility has to be one of the main reasons why so many people prefer Home Chef – these guys are super flexible with people that have busy lifestyles. It is really commendable because the company could’ve easily gone with the strategy of targeting people who do not like to cook a lot. Instead, the company gave some of the best flexible scheduling systems we’ve seen in this market. A user can customize his/her meals to such an extent that it is no surprise to know that Home Chef has some of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the meal kit market
  • The price point of this company is absolutely perfect and justifiable. They are not overcharging you and this is what we really like about them. If you are looking for some of the most affordable options in the meal delivery business, Home Chef is the one you should consider.

Mobile App Availability

The app is pretty well-organized and user-friendly. You can easily make changes in your meals, schedule, or payment method while using the app. There are websites and apps that are really confusing to use. But this is not the case with this brand. Using Home Chef on web or app is like a walk in the park. Trust us on this one!

The Bottom Line

It is safe to say that Home Chef scores just shy of perfect – 9.8. There is absolutely nothing about this company that does not provide convenience to the subscribers. The ingredients are fresh, meals are super easy to cook, and the taste is just superb – is there any other reason to not love Home Chef? Well, we don’t think so!
Home Chef
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you choose your meals?

Yes,Every Monday, you’ll receive an email with 15 meal options to choose from. Make your choice by Friday at noon CST of that week, or go with our recommendations for you. If you’d like to swap recipes, you can do so under “My Account”.

How do you recycle home chef?

Home Chef cardboard boxes, bottles and jars are fully recyclable in your curbside bin. Box liners are compostable / recyclable at select facilities and meal bags and cooling packs can be recycled where you bring your 4 and 5 plastics.

Can i skip a delivery or cancel my account?

Yes to both. You can skip a weekly delivery by Friday at noon CST the week before your scheduled delivery. And if you need to cancel your Home Chef deliveries for any reason, you can do so under “Account Information” in “My Account”.

Where does home chef delivers?

Home Chef delivers coast-to-coast. During signup, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code to confirm that we deliver to your area.

Do You Provide Nutritional Information For Each Meal?

Nutritional information is available for each meal. To access it, simply click on the recipe you’d like to see and scroll down. You can also find it on the recipe card PDF. Click ‘Download Recipe Card’ under the meal title to view.

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