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Marley Spoon Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * June 7, 2021

Marley Spoon is committed to using the best locally sourced products.  Meals are planned to provide low calorie healthy dishes that will appeal to the whole family. Ingredients go through a vetting process on a seasonal basis, to ensure quality. All recipes include a nutrition and calorie table for low carb and gluten free diets. Home cooking is made simple with carefully sourced ingredients delivered right to your door. Pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes will help any aspiring cook deliver a healthy homemade meal. All necessary precautions are taken with packaging and shipping to ensure your meal kit is delivered in optimum condition.

  • Top quality organic ingredients
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • 27 recipes to choose from weekly
  • Variety for vegetarians
  • Menus suitable for large families
  • Does not fully cater for people with allergies
  • Not available throughout Australia
  • No guarantee of cross-contamination from allergens
Marley Spoon

About Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon was founded in Berlin in 2014 and subsequently expanded their business to other countries including Australia in 2015. Due to the pandemic and other factors, Marley Spoon showed a significant growth in 2020 with over 50 million meals delivered and revenue reaching in excess of €254m. In Australia, Marley Spoon is registered as Marley Spoon Pty Ltd as a foreign owned company and employs around 340 people. Their head office is in Alexandria, New South Wales and they are wholly owned by the German based Marley Spoon AG which is listed on the stock exchange. Marley Spoon sell their meal kit subscriptions through their own brand as well as Dinnerly which is also part of this group.

How it Works

To get started, you will need to create an account to start your subscription. Meals are planned one week in advance and you can pause, skip, alter or even cancel your order as long as this is done within the scheduled deadline.  Deliveries can be arranged up to 6 weeks in advance. Marley Spoon AU deliver high quality, pre-measured ingredients that are needed to create a nutritious and tasty meal in only 6 steps. Subscribers can order what they need on a weekly basis and choose delivery date and time to suit their schedule. All recipes are created by qualified chefs and most meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Meal kits are delivered in cooler bags packed with dry ice so that ingredients arrive at your destination cool and fresh. A variety of extras can be added to your order and this includes bake cookies, smoothies or even extra portions of meat and seafood. All materials used for packaging are recyclable and Marley Spoon use frozen gel packs and insulation to keep ingredients fresh.


Marley Spoon offer 22 recipes each week with a variety of dishes including vegetarian, entrees, burgers and pizzas. Different cuisines featured offer some spicy options. Marley Spoon are big on locally sourced seasonal ingredients and you will find a nice selection of fruit and vegetables featured in their recipes. Fresh fruit boxes can be ordered separately as required. When you receive your order it is best to transfer ingredients to the fridge for storage up to 4 days before use. It is also worth noting that you might need a few basic pantry items like oil, salt, pepper and eggs for certain recipes. The company usually lets you know what is needed via email before delivery. Photos of competed dishes are featured on recipe cards and ingredients are clearly labelled. In the full recipe you will have all the nutritional information you need as well as clear instructions on how to prepare and cook the meals. For people with serious allergies, Marley Spoon clearly states that they cannot guarantee cross contamination in their preparation areas.


Marley Spoon prices are very reasonable and their products are marketed to low and medium income groups.  Depending on the recipe chosen, you can expect to pay between $6.39 and $10.25 per serving. As with most meal kit subscription companies, prices are based on quantity and you can expect to pay less per portion for bigger orders. Special discounts and promotions are available, especially with your first order and on multiple meal kit orders. You can choose 2 – 5 meals per week and expect to pay around $8.99 shipping per order. The biggest box on order is the six meals for four people. This works out to around $6.39 per serving.


Marley Spoon currently delivers to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle and NSW’s Central Coast. They promise that more areas will be included in the near future. To find out if your area is covered, you will need to enter your postal code and email for confirmation. Once you have subscribed you can monitor your account online through their impressive mobile app on iPhone or iPad. Marley Spoon is available in English, Danish, Dutch, German and Swedish and is sold in the USA, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Netherlands. If you need inspiration you can access their online library of over 1,000 recipes.

Ordering and Delivery

Marley Spoon AU are members of the Australian Packaging Covenant and are committed to cutting down on waste through an annual audit of packaging practices. Boxes are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable. The ice packs are made with low density Polyethylene and non-toxic gel and easily disposed of.  Other packaging materials used are dish bags and plastic which are recyclable. Orders are placed on a weekly basis and you can select delivery date and time.

The bottom line

Marley Spoon AU is a meal kit subscription service which provides organic fresh ingredients to create tasty homemade meals. In association with well-known food writer, Martha Stewart and other chefs, healthy and tasty meals, that are easy to prepare, are available on a weekly basis. The meal kits are reasonably priced and marketed to lower income groups. Marley Spoon is part of the same company which owns Dinnerly and the only difference between the two is that Marley Spoon is slightly more expensive due to extensive marketing and organic ingredients used.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum amount?

Yes, you can choose meal boxes for two people or for the whole family with servings for 3-5 times a week.

Where do they deliver?

They deliver for most of Australia

How does Dinnerly guarantee fresh ingredients?

They line the box with insulation and place ice packs to preserve the ingredients’ temperature.

Do they have allergen-free meals?

No. While the ingredients and allergens are listed online, these are processed through the same production facility. Marley Spoon has endeavored to avoid cross-contamination but this is not fail-proof.

Can I switch a two-person box to a family-box, or vice-versa?

Yes. Simply log into your account and change your order.

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