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What is a Password Manager

A password manager is a hardware device or software application that generates, stores, retrieves, and manages complex passwords. It stores complex passwords in an encrypted database, which helps provides robust protection against hackers. The encryption is so strong that it might take years or even forever to crack. So, there is that security, convenience, and peace of mind which many reliable password managers offer to their users.

Do You Really Need A Password Manager?

Many security researchers and experts strongly recommend that everyone should be using password managers because they do a remarkable job of offering a much better combination of convenience and security. Most people either use repetitive passwords or have bits of information in their passwords like their name, their date of birth, etc. A password manager generates long, random passwords across your various online accounts and also stores those passwords.

Are password managers safe?

You have to keep in mind that these password managers use encrypted security, which makes them way more secure than your standard router set up at home or office. Moreover, they use two-factor authentication and have other features (e.g., auto log out, master password, super-long generated passwords) to make your passwords more secure.

Why should I use Password Manager Service?

What is one thing hackers love the most? It is cracking passwords. With tons of techniques and cunning approaches, they can hack your computer, steal your important data, and easily commit identity theft. Using a password manager is a highly recommended way to prevent it from happening in the first place.
So, without further ado, let’s have a look at password manager benefits.

They Use Multi-Factor Authentication for More Security
Password managers employ multi-factor authentication to ensure that malicious users cannot get access to your password store.

They Have Encrypted Storage
With encrypted storage, it has become almost impossible for hackers to decode and steal information. Password managers not only store passwords, but they also store credit card details, driver license details, and other confidential information.

They Have Zero-Knowledge Implementation
Some of the best password managers around employ a “zero-knowledge” implementation, which means they have absolutely no knowledge of your passwords, and they never store your Master Password in the cloud. Hence, it further boosts your security and protects your information even if there is a breach in the password manager’s security.

They Offer Easy Accessibility
Your password manager can easily sync accounts to any device, and all you need to do is log in to sync passwords. In other words, Windows users can sync their passwords with iOS or Android devices in a seamless manner.

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