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What are pet food services?

It is no longer necessary to pick up heavy kibble bags or cases of dog food from your local supplier. Pet food subscription services deliver right to your door. The pet food delivery industry is worth billions. There are numerous online suppliers promoting the ideal meal for your cat or dog. Some serve raw meat, others supply top quality kibble with supplements and many offer fresh nutritious meals which are flash frozen. Which one you choose will depend on the type of meals you want and prices that fit your budget.

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Advantages of pet food subscriptions

With so many choices available, more and more pet parents are choosing pet food subscription services. One of the main reasons is to offer their pets the best possible choices and the other is to save time. Most of the pet food providers have an in house veterinarian who will advise you on the best options for your dog, or cat. This is very important for pets with health and weight issues. Unfortunately store bought pet food is sometimes questionable and in a lot of cases, no one really knows what ingredients have been used. With the online pet food solutions you will find that most of them are upfront about what ingredients they use, how they are sourced, cooked and stored.

What should you feed your pets?

All pets need protein which are a source of amino acids that produce energy. This can be found in meat, fish and poultry. Dietary fats are a concentrated source of energy and can be found in seed oils and proteins. Carbohydrates which include sugar and starch from vegetables and legumes help with the digestive system. If you are looking for pet meals that are formulated with the correct amount of nutrients you will need to find ones that are approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Meals that conform to their standards should be balanced and complete without the need for extra vitamins or minerals. Pet parents who want their pets to consume a natural, fresh and balanced meal need to know what is included in their meals. In most cases, the best fresh meals are supplied by the online pet food delivery services. You can choose fresh natural cooked food, raw food and even fresh ingredient kibble. Some companies offer supplements, meat treats, probiotics and half portions that can be added to existing meals.

Overview of online pet meal services

It is fairly easy to subscribe to pet food delivery services. First you will have to set up an account and complete a questionnaire to create your pet’s profile. You will be asked questions which include age, breed, weight, allergies, activities and health issues. Most companies have in house nutritional veterinarians that will let you know what they recommend for your pets unique circumstances. You will also be able to take advantage of special offers on first orders so that you can test their products before you sign up for a subscription and regular deliveries. Reputable pet food delivery services will give you the choice to change your puppies profile as he grows and advise you on what changes you need to make. Deliveries are scheduled at regular intervals and you can make changes or cancel when necessary.

How profitable are Pet Food companies?

Globally the pet food market is estimated to reach over $124.9 billion by 2027 and in the U.S. the total for 2019 was $95.7 billion. This is a huge industry and products are sold instore and online through thousands of pet food suppliers. Fresh pet food subscriptions have gained popularity because of the quality of their meals and the convenience of home deliveries. It seems that consumers are becoming more aware of what their pets need and are willing to pay a bit more for quality.

Meals available through subscription deliveries

There is no doubt that most pet parents would order fresh wholesome pet food if they could afford it. Apart from being convenient and time saving most companies in this industry promise fresh nutritional meals that are formulated by veterinary nutritionist. Generally there are four categories of fresh meals for your pets.

Fresh Meals, not frozen

In this instant meals arrive at your door fresh, in insulated packaging. You might need to freeze some of the meals as the shelf life is only three days. If you want unfrozen meals, NomNom delivers freshly cooked meals for both dogs and cats.

Fresh Meals flash frozen

Meals in this category are all cooked fresh in small batches with minimal processing. The quality of the ingredients could be all organic or sourced from sustainable farmers. Most companies will give you a list of ingredients and the value of nutrients, minerals and vitamins included in their meals. The meals are delivered frozen and conveniently stored in the freezer and used as needed. Popular companies in this category are The Farmer’s Dog and Pet Plate.

Raw meals

There are very few companies that promote raw meals for pets. Some people believe that dogs and cats are meant to eat raw unprocessed meals. Although there are some advantages in serving your pets raw meals there is also the slight chance of contamination. One company that is popular with the raw philosophy is Darwin Natural Pet Food.


The only company that manufactures fresh ingredient kibble is Hungry Bark. They specialize in combining fresh high quality proteins and vegetables with the right amount of supplements for all breeds and sizes. The advantages of this type of meal include easy storage, long shelf life and no messy servings.

Shipping & Pricing

The amount of food you will need depends on your pet’s age, breed and weight. Most pet food delivery services give you an option of weekly or monthly deliveries. In some cases bulk buying will save you money. Initial discounts and trial packs are usually on offer so that you can try out products. You can expect to pay $16 to $90 per week depending on your dog’s size. Some companies offer loyalty promotions in the form of coupons and points which you can redeem at a later stage. Depending on how much you buy, you could be entitled to free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are fresh pet food delivery services better for pets?

Fresh meals are preferred by most pets. There is no doubt that meals that are freshly prepared with added nutrients and minerals are better for your dog’s overall health.

What do I do if my dog has allergies?

Most companies have in house vets that will give you free advice on what to feed your dog and what to avoid.




Is Kibble better for dogs?

Not necessarily but a good choice for those who don’t have freezer space and want a product with a long shelf life.

Do fresh frozen meals contain grain?

Vets advise not to give pets too much grain. Fresh meal delivery companies usually state what is included in their meals. How much grain your pet needs depends on their weight, stools and general health?

What happens if my dog does not like the food?

Most companies offer a discount on your first order or trial package. If you are not happy with the product you will be able to return the meals and request a full discount. After the initial order most companies do not offer a refund. You can however cancel your subscription at any time.

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