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Darwins Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * March 10, 2021

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products makes specific meals for both dogs and cats. Every meal is perfectly balanced and exceeds the guidelines of the AAFCO and the National Research Council for pet nutrition. Full transparency in their ingredient list shows exactly what is in every meal. Their economical ranges are the BioLogics and Natural Selections, which offer their premium recipes. All meals are hormone and steroid-free and the meats used in Natural Selections are antibiotic-free. There is also a veterinary recipe for cats with kidney disease and four veterinary recipes for dogs. Darwin’s claims that you will see a big difference in your pet’s health after 30 days. They offer a good variety of meals as well as treats for dogs and cats.

  • Quality ingredients from trusted farmers
  • Formulated by veterinary nutritionists
  • Minimal processing maintains nutrients
  • Convenient shipments
  • In house vet consultations
  • Meals have a short shelf life if not frozen
  • Care is needed when handling raw meat
  • Thaw tub only given with first order

Why choose Darwin Natural Pet Food?

  • Darwin’s takes a different approach to pet meals. Fresh, natural ingredients are used to formulate meals that are served raw as pets are not meant to eat cooked and processed meals.
  • Darwin’s offers a variety of meals to choose from with free delivery to your door. Meals are fresh frozen and stored in a freezer for easy access.
  • Raw food diets for pets are known to alleviate allergies, skin problems, arthritis and other conditions. Meals that are minimally processed are recommended by most vets.

Ideal For

  • If you are looking for raw, nutritious and well-balanced meals, Darwin promises overall health and longevity for your pet.
  • Pet parents looking for food with no preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, grains or fillers can give their pets’ raw meals in their purest form.
  • Customizable portions are ideal for families with both cats and dogs.
  • Convenient home deliveries on a regular basis save time for pet owners with minimal free time.
  • Darwin’s meals are ideal for those who believe that dogs and cats are meant to eat all-natural ingredients, which are not processed.


‘Inspired by Nature, Informed by Science’ is the philosophy that inspired the company to choose Darwin’s Natural Pet Food as their name in honor of Charles Darwin. Understanding the natural and instinctive diet of pets and combining raw ingredients with a scientific approach is what the company does to provide natural meals for your dog or cat. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products are suitable for all sizes and ages, and they also cater to pets with kidney or liver disorders and other health problems. Their ‘Intelligent Design’ range is formulated by veterinarians and is recommended for pets with health issues. The other ranges available are the Natural Selections and BioLogics lines which contain raw and natural ingredients for pets.  Most of their meals contain up to 75% real meat and the rest is made up with vegetables, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements from natural sources. Even though the meals are a bit more expensive than traditional pet food subscription services, Darwin’s maintains that their raw meals strengthen your pet’s immunity and helps their bodies fight disease.

How it works

As is customary with all fresh meal subscription companies, Darwin’s has a questionnaire that needs to be filled out to create your pet’s profile. The information is used to determine the correct quantity of food for your pet. Special dietary needs or any other queries you have will be addressed by their customer service department which is said to be one of the best in this business. You will get a free pet food consultation as a new customer. Meals are customized and Darwin’s only uses high-quality meat and vegetables without any additives or fillers. All meals are minimally processed and frozen to preserve nutrients and freshness. Deliveries can be scheduled based on your preferences and meals will arrive at your home frozen and packed in insulated boxes with dry ice or environmentally-friendly gel packs. It is recommended that you store meals in the freezer and only take out a couple at a time to thaw, as needed. The difference with Darwin’s meals is that you will have to take care when cleaning your pet’s dishes because of the raw ingredients. Even though all meals meet the standards required by the AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, the usual precautions have to be taken when handling raw meat.

Food type and quality

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products are designed with whole foods rich in nutrients. Compared to the usual dog foods available in supermarkets, the raw meals from Darwin’s will cost more because of the quality ingredients used. Even when you compare top of the range kibble or canned pet food, Darwin’s meals are superior in quality and nutrition because of the minimal processing. No fillers, grains or other additives are used in Darwin’s meals and all the ingredients chosen are aimed at improving digestion and overall health. Cat meals have 100% meat and dog meals are 75% meat plus 25% vegetables and minerals from natural sources. The proteins offered are Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Beef and Lamb. Darwin’s uses premium-quality meat from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. All vegetables are used in their purest form.


What justifies the higher price of Darwin’s raw fresh meals are the ingredients and the minimal processing. Darwin’s has a promotional offer of 10 pounds of food for $14.95 with your first order. Once you are prepared to go forward with a subscription, you can choose Natural Selections, BioLogics or Intelligent Design. As an example if your dog needs an average of 6 pounds of food a week you can expect to pay around $50 for Natural Selections and $35 for BioLogics. Orders are delivered at your set cadence and you can choose the protein and amount required.


As mentioned before, Darwin’s offer 3 ranges of meals. You can go for the Natural Selections which is a meat and organic vegetable mixture without any grains. This is Darwin’s premium line, and they use antibiotic-free meats and organic vegetables. BioLogics meals are more economical, and the only difference is that the meat and vegetables are conventional and not organic. Their Intelligent Design line is specifically formulated for pets who suffer from certain health problems. This range is designed by vets and is available only with your vet’s approval. Darwin’s raw pet food is not available in any stores.

Ordering and delivery

Once you have completed the online questionnaire regarding your pet’s details, Darwin’s will recommend how much you need to order. The choice of protein is up to you, and you can customize your order according to your dog’s preferences.  Orders are generally shipped to your home at a customizable cadence, and in the event that you need to change or cancel, you will have to do this at least 48 hours before your next delivery.

Company information

The founder of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, Gary Tashjian, founded the company after experimenting with raw food for his own dogs who suffered from serious health problems. He found that changing to raw fresh meat made a huge difference in the wellbeing of his pets. Recently, Darwin’s has launched a new website to improve its customer experience and make ordering raw pet food even easier. Darwin’s has been in business for 17 years and shipped more than 50 million meals.


Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Darwin's different?

The main difference with Darwin’s pet food is that the ingredients are raw in keeping with the ancestral diet of pets.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

It is customary for adult dogs to eat around 2-4% of their ideal body weight per day. Smaller dogs need more and larger dogs will need less. This is all worked out for you based on your pet’s profile.

Is raw dog food really safe for dogs?

Most science confirms raw dog food is completely safe for your dog. The bacteria inherent to raw meat is easily digested by dogs, but may be a risk to humans. That’s why Darwin’s recommends to always clean any surfaces that come into contact with raw meat.

Are there any shelf stable products available?

Darwin’s does not have any shelf stable products except for their venison jerk treats.

What is the delivery schedule?

Subscription orders are delivered at a customizable cadence. You can set your preferences in the My Account section of Darwin’s website.

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