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PetPlate Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * March 10, 2021

One of the biggest advantages of PetPlate dog food is that all their meals are gluten free and free from fillers and preservatives. The meals are made with fresh, human-grade ingredients which are cooked correctly to preserve nutrients. Essential minerals and vitamins are added and the meals are then flash frozen in reusable plastic containers. Deliveries are made every 1-4+ weeks and reach consumers still frozen. Simply defrosting the meals and serving is all that is required to keep your pets in optimum health.

  • Recipes formulated by a veterinary nutritionist
  • All natural Ingredients and added nutrients
  • Delivery customized to weekly schedule that works for you
  • Tailor made and pre-portioned
  • Flash frozen
  • Four Protein including organic Chicken Apple Sausage Bites
  • No online counselling
  • Website Difficult to Navigate

Why choose Pet Plate Dog meals?

  • PetPlate meals are formulated with human grade whole food ingredients. Preparation and cooking is done in USDA kitchens.
  • No preservatives or fillers are used and all meals are created by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.
  • PetPlate offers a satisfaction guarantee on your first purchase.
  • Every meal is slow cooked and flash frozen to ensure nutrients are preserved and freshness is locked in.

Ideal For

  • Pet parents who want the best nutritious meals for their dogs choose Pet Plate to ensure that ingredients used are fresh and of good quality.
  • For busy professionals who do not want the hassle of cooking dog food. Bulk buying is the ideal solution.
  • For fussy dogs that need a variety of meals, Pet Plate offer a choice of 4 protein meals that you can alternate when necessary.
  • Fresh food is ideal for dogs that have allergies and digestive issues. Pet Plate meals help to improve their pet’s vitality.


Renaldo Webb, who is the owner of PetPlate, worked for many years as a pet food consultant before starting the company. He always doubted the integrity and suitability of store bought mass produced dog food, and starting with his own dog, he set out to created meals that were nutritious and tasty for pets. Once Webb received funding, he managed, in a few years, to build up Pet Plate into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Veterinarians specializing in nutrition are still employed by the company to oversee every meal produced. Due to diligence and hard work, Pet Plate have earner their place as one of the leading pet food subscription companies in the U.S.

How it works

You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and create a profile for your dog. Questions asked include breed, gender, age, and weight plus activity level.  Your dog’s ideal weight and body condition will also be taken into account. This information is used to determine what portion is best for your dog. The amount of food per portion will depend on your dog’s profile. This is all done through an algorithm and unlike other pet meal delivery services, Pet Plate do not offer any online counselling. Their customer care team is available to answer any questions about our meals. Meals are delivered with instructions on how to help your pet transition to real fresh food. Nutritional requirements are worked out by in house veterinarian nutritionists.  Meals are delivered every 1-4+ weeks and you can select any of the proteins offered according to your dog’s preferences. All meals are formulated and suitable for any dog unless there are specific allergies or other health problems. You will be informed on how many calories each meal has and what is suitable for your pet. You can select full meals or toppers if you intend on mixing fresh meals with kibble.

Food type and quality

PetPlate guarantee that all the ingredients used in the preparation of their meals are human-grade. Fresh ingredients include lamb, beef, chicken or turkey which are combined with fresh vegetables, safflower oil, fish oil, vitamin D3, and E, zinc, manganese, thiamin, selenium and iodine. The addition of extra vitamins and nutrients ensures that your dog gets the correct nutrition on a daily basis. PetPlate offers recipes with and without grains. Meals are cooked carefully to preserve nutrients. Meals are flash frozen soon after preparation and delivered to you frozen in insulated packaging with dry ice. Meals can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months and defrosted as needed. PetPlate’s veterinary nutritionist ensures that all meals meet AAFCO standards. Depending on the weight of your dog, portions will vary in size. Each packet is enough for one meal which can be served up to twice a day. For heavy dogs that need to watch their weight, you can choose the Turkey meals which are lower in calories. In an attempt to be fully transparent, PetPlate make sure that all meals are accompanied by an ingredient and nutritional value list. The advantages of fresh food for dogs are many and according to PetPlate you should notice the benefits in a couple of weeks. You should see a reduction of allergies, better bowel movements, improved vitality and a shinier coat.


Prices vary and portions are calculated according to the size, age and activity of your dog. To get the exact price per meal you will have to register your dog’s profile. PetPlate does give you a general outline of approximate prices so you can get an idea of how much their services cost before you register. Prices for small dogs range from $2.50 to $4.75 per day, medium sized dogs $6 to $8 per day and large dogs $9 to $13 per day. If you have an extra-large dog you can expect to pay up to $19 per day. Shipping is free for all orders.


Deliveries are every 1-4+ weeks. Bigger orders are priced at a discount so it might be worth your while to order in bulk, provided that you have the freezer space to store the meals.

Ordering and delivery

Receiving deliveries on a regular schedule alleviates the need to cook or clean and meals are instantly available. It is important to keep your dog’s information current so that the correct adjustments on portions are made as you pup grows up. Multi pet meals can be combined in a single delivery and pricing is broken down so you can see how much you will pay per day. A discount is offered with your first order and you can schedule further deliveries according to your needs. Meals are delivered frozen and insulated. The difference with PetPlate is that meals are packed in containers and not plastic bags. The downside to this is that you will need more space in the freezer for storage, the upside is that you can re-use the containers. PetPlate use bulkier packaging but everything included is useful and recyclable.

Company information

PetPlate was founded in 2016 and have their headquarters in New York. Deliveries are made throughout continental U.S. states and even though the company is fairly new, their growth has been such that they are now considered to be in the top 5 pet meal delivery companies. The founder of PetPlate, Renaldo Webb, started out experimenting with fresh food for his dog, Winston. In consultation with experienced veterinarian nutritionists, perfectly balanced meals for dogs were formulated and PetPlate was born.


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I order a sample to start?

There are no free samples, but PetPlate does offer a satisfaction guarantee on your first purchase. There is also a Topper Plan which is a lot cheaper.

What's the difference between the Full and Topper Plan?

You can decide to feed your dog all fresh cooked meals with the Full Plan, or choose the Topper Plan which you can mix with your pets existing kibble.

Pet Plate Meals vs Kibble?

The nutritional value cannot be compared. Kibble has non-descript ingredients which can cause allergies and other ailments. With PetPlate, you know exactly what is included in their meals and you can rest assured that your pet will receive the correct nutrition.

How expensive are Pet Plate meals?

Fresh meals are generally more expensive than kibble. Prices range from $13 to $19 per day

Can you order cat food?

No, PetPlate only produces dog food.

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