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The Farmers Dog Editorial Review
By Daniel Cohen * March 10, 2021

It is no secret that pet food purchased from supermarkets can be deceptive when it comes to quality. In order to have a long shelf life, both dry and tinned pet food must contain some sort of preservative, and the ingredients are almost always over processed. Millions of people need to feed their pets and with the addition of companies like The Farmer’s Dog, you can now order fresh, nutritious meals for your pets online and have them delivered directly to your home. Processed dog food is not particularly good for a dog’s digestion and dog owners might not have the time or the inclination to cook fresh dog food. The convenience of being able to order and receive balanced, fresh and nutritional food is a no brainer. Dog owners who purchase ready to eat meals from The Farmer’s Dog have declared that they can see an improvement in their dog’s digestion and overall wellbeing, almost immediately. Better weight management with a controlled diet and the ability to choose meals .according to your dog’s health requirements allows for peace of mind and needs the least amount of effort.

  • Pre-portioned meals
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Subscription based
  • Nutrients and vitamins
  • No preservatives
  • Home delivery
  • Limited shelf life because the food is made fresh
  • Can be expensive
  • Bags are not re-sealable
The Farmers Dog

Why we like The Farmers Dog meals?

  • The Farmer’s Dog offers personalized meals that are based on age, weight and breed. All meals are made with fresh whole ingredients that are cooked slowly to protect nutrients and offer maximum nutritional benefits.
  • All meals are designed to offer your dog more energy, a strong immune system and overall good health.
  • Meals are delivered are delivered fresh and frozen for safe transport straight to your home. Pre-packed meals come in flat packs for easy storing and are ready to serve once brought to room temperature.

Ideal For

The Farmer’s Dog has grown substantially over the years and has been voted as one of the best fresh dog food suppliers in the U.S.

  • The meals can be personalized to meet your pet’s unique dietary needs which makes this product ideal for high maintenance breeds that require a specific diet.
  • Meals are completely free from preservatives and made with human grade ingredients. This is great for fussy eaters and dogs that need extra care.
  • The Farmer’s Dog also offers weight gain and weight loss plans, plus their pre-portioned meals help to ensure you’re never under or overfeeding your dog.
  • Busy professionals who want to give their pets fresh meals do not have to worry about preparation. Meals are portioned, and ready to go.
  • You can rest assured that your dog will benefit from nutrients and added vitamins which come with every meal portion.


The Farmer’s Dog is an online pet food delivery company which is based in New York. To date, the company has delivered over 100 million fresh meals to dogs throughout the U.S and they are well known for their quality balanced meals. The emphasis is on the wellbeing and health of pets with vet designed meals that are pre-portioned based on a dog’s breed, size and age. The Farmer’s Dog fresh pet food delivery service was started by a concerned pet owner who was looking for alternate meals for his dog who had a stomach ailment.

A lot of research and testing went into the concept of creating the best fresh meals for dogs. This resulted in a company that delivers meal plans that are ideal for dogs of all types and ages.  USDA regulated kitchens use human grade ingredients with no processing in order to preserves natural nutrients. The Farmer’s Dog recipes were formulated alongside board-certified veterinary nutritionists and the meals exceed industry standards.

Only fresh ingredients are used and the meals are delivered to your door in insulated containers, ready to serve. Research shows that fresh diets are beneficial for your dogs. Unlike store bought dog food, The Farmer’s Dog makes sure that all ingredients are fresh, and of the highest quality, without any preservatives. The Farmer’s Dog ensures perfectly timed deliveries so you never run out of food. Currently, the Farmer’s Dog only creates recipes for dogs.

How it works

The first step in subscribing to The Farmer’s Dog is to create a profile on their website. You will be asked a lot of information about your pet. This includes breed, body type, behavior, sex, weight, activity level, eating style and most importantly health issues. You will also need to let them know what your pet is currently eating and what their activity level is. Based on the information supplied, an algorithm will recommend which recipes are suitable for your dog. After submitting your dog’s info, The Farmer’s Dog will create a meal plan for your dog, including how many calories they require per day, and you can choose from up to four recipes. Proteins offered include chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Once you have decided on the meals you can place your first order. Meals are delivered chilled in insulated packaging and feeding instructions are included. All the meals are pre-portioned according to daily requirements.

You will be offered a two week trial period and your first order will be delivered within a week. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelled within the deadlines given. If you are not happy with the meals you can request a change in recipe or even cancel the service.

For more information you can contact the company through Facebook, Instagram or by email. If you wish to speak to their customer service department a telephone number is available on their website.

Food type and quality

The Farmer’s Dog is fully committed to using human grade ingredients in all their meals. Simple recipes are constructed under stringent safety regulations and great care is taken to preserve the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. There are no artificial additives or preservatives and the ingredients are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Reports from happy customers show that with healthy fresh meals, dogs will have increased vitality, a shiny coat and require less visits to the vet.


Cost per meals will vary depending on a dog’s size and breed. You can see the cost during the signup process. Currently, The Farmer’s Dog has a 60% discount on your first order, but this may change. In the event that the meals delivered are not satisfactory you can request a refund. Prices start from around $3 per day for small dogs and go up accordingly. Subscriptions are renewed automatically and you will be billed every few weeks.


The Farmer’s Dog delivers millions of fresh meals in 48 states of the U.S. Currently they report over 100 million meals delivered to happy customer’s and dogs since their inception. Deliveries are recurring according to subscription but you do have the flexibility to change and cancel at any time.

Ordering and delivery

Ordering online through The Farmer’s Dog website is fairly simple. Once you have created your profile and opened an account, you can decide on how often you want your meals delivered. Meals are delivered fully cooked and all that is needed is to thaw in the refrigerator and serve.  The food is packed in bags that are sufficient for a daily meal and stored in dry ice so that it reaches you in optimal condition.

Company information

Currently, the Farmers Dog employs over 100 people in their New York based factory. The company has grown fast and today they deliver millions of fresh dog meals yearly. The company was founded in 2015, by Jonathan Regev and Brett Podolsky, as a subscription company for the delivery of fresh and customized meals for dogs. In the years that followed they have increased their customer base 100 times over and are currently one of the largest pet related startup companies. Their reputation for quality and transparency has resulted with a huge following on social media. At the moment they have over 150k followers on Instagram and nearly 80k followers on Facebook.


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