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What is a Website Builders Service

Many years ago, creating a website for your business was a complicated and expensive process. The choices available today include hiring a professional web design team, finding a freelancer online to create your website from scratch or from a template or using one of the numerous DIY website building services. If you need a complicated site for big business you will be better off finding a team of experts to work with on a long term basis. For startups on a low budget all you need is a little computer knowledge and imagination to create your own web presence using one of the web building services. What you choose will depend on your requirements, budget and timeframe. Some of the big players in this industry are Network Solutions who have been around since 1979, and Web.com which was founded in 1995. These and other platforms offer competitively priced web design services, hosting and easy content management systems. 

Industry leading Website Building Services

  • Web.com
  • Site123
  • Network Solutions
  • Squarespace

DIY or get professional help?

If you are looking for a tailor-made design solution it is best to hire a professional designer because websites created with templates have limitations. Another option would be to choose a hybrid solution and get a professional to customize a template for you. Your budget will play a big role in the decisions you make. DIY web building sites offer complete solutions. Over and above customizing the design of your website you will also be able to register a domain and business name, find a hosting package to suit your needs, and once published select available online marketing tools.  One of the easiest web design services is offered by Squarespace who specialize in the promotion of online stores with world class shopping cart and payment processing solutions. On the other hand if you are looking for the best stock images and photo editing tools, you best choice is Web.com. Consider the features each web building site offers before you decide on which one to use. 

What you need to design your own website

If you go for a free website builder, you will find that many features are restricted. The offer of a free website is often used as a way of getting you to subscribe to essential features that you will need as your business grows. This could include access to an online store, analytics, plugins, add-ons, SSL certificate or even domain based email accounts. Free plans do not generally allow you to use your own URL and you will be restricted in how many pages you can create. In order to be able to design your own website you will need to be guided through the process with an easy to follow, set up wizard and drag & drop features. With e-commerce sites it gets a bit more complicated because you need tools like inventory tracking, product management, shopping cart and payment processing options. As your business grows you need to be sure that you can process more sales, reservations and enquiries. It is essential that your website can be viewed on all devices especially mobile phones and tablets for access at any time. Marketing tools you will need are email marketing features, SEO tools and integrated social media buttons. There are also hundreds of apps and plugins that you can purchase to enhance your website. 

Domains & Hosting

All website building sites offer hosting services and domain connections. What you need to look for is how much bandwidth and storage is offered, the cost, speed and reliability. It is essential to use a reputable service that will keep your website running efficiently and securely. The hosting package you choose must commit to at least 99% uptime and 24/7 customer service so that you can be sure your website is accessible at all times. The cost will depend on the hosting plan you choose and whether they support domain management and offer adequate security options. A good option for new businesses on a budget, is Squarespace. They offer a mobile optimized site, a free domain with unlimited bandwidth and storage for as little as $26 per month. 

Marketing tools & Analytics 

The ultimate goal of creating a website is to be accessible to your target market. In order to achieve this you need to choose a website builder that uses search engine optimization tools that follow best practices and techniques. This is essential if you want to achieve prominence in search engine rankings. This would require keyword density and conversion tools as well as platform features geared towards increasing website traffic. Web building sites offer an array of add-ons that you can use to promote your website and this also includes integration with social media sites. Knowing how visitor find you and how many unique visits you have is crucial to developing a marketing plan. Web analysis features will collect data and allow you to implement strategies based on results.

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